The Association not only provides consulting and Financial Educational services, but also provides community programs to the residents of the communities which it operates in.

Ranging from Workforce Development and Advanced Skill Training, The Association also focuses on programs that are designed to increase the Critical Thinking Skills of its participants. Three basic design tiers of service is tailored for each individual and focuses on Education, Life Development and the creating of a Career Tracking Plan:

Career Track
The Trinity Team develops a custom plan toward success for each participant combining their present skills with skills that are needed or missing in order for that individual to reach their career of life goals.

Microsoft Imagine Academy
Through our partnership with Microsoft, Trinity is able to provide digital curriculum and Certificates or Certification for fundamental technology skills.

Emergency Medical First Aide
Provide a basic introduction to emergency medical careers which may inspire the participant to join the medical industry in various fields. 

Underwater Technologies
Development of skills in working under water professional and commercial careers and projects. 

Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
Besides acquiring diving skills and training, this activity is designed to increase the Basic Educational Level & Critical thinking Skills of its participants.

The Brotherhood
A mentoring of young men through the application of practical, professional & social real-life experiences. 

Graphic Design
Development of design, drawing and anime skills.

Organizational Support & Development
Providing Development, Operational & Program support to organizations who are in need of improving their Quality of Service to their community.

Music Sound & Drama
Learning how to integrate and develop digital and analog techniques for support of stage and professional presentations and programs.
Programs & Services

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