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Trinity Association - WMCC
Williams, Moore, Carter & Carter  
"Creating Destinies One Career at a Time"
The Trinity partnership is comprised of business and social service professionals who's goal is to improve the Quality of life for community through Education of Science, New Design Technologies & Engineering. We offer a vehicle to Experience  these activities which are frequently unavailable for members who reside within crisis communities and  Exposure of career opportunities and activities which are designed to improve an individual's Life & Critical Thinking Skills.
6472 West North Avenue, Chicago, IL 60707
Our Team 
Terry Moore, 
Co-CEO, Vice President of Development
Jonathan M. A. Carter I
Co-CEO, Vice President of Programs & Operations
Trinity Association can also serve as consultants to train or teach your staff or build team comradery through one of our Team Building Seminars. Trinity Association is an independent collaboration of professional associates that are designed to also aide new entrepreneurs and managers navigate the complex world of business operations. Through customized training and supportive services, the Associates of Trinity Association delivers an innovative perspective on how to deal with the daily hardships that many social service and community-based organizations face on a regular basis. 

Trinity Association serves and promotes the mission and program ideas of Trinity Ministries of Chicago. Through this collaboration, the members of Trinity Association is committed in building a broad network of Effective Capacity Building and Community Development services through consulting, Assistive Technology, and social services. 

Trinity Association also seeks to educate both the Non-profit and For-Profit Small Business Owners by exposing unknown resources while strengthening the total infrastructure of their organization. Trinity focuses on the concerns of various divisions within the organization which range from Technology to Educational Development, Board Development, and Organizational Operations. 
Jonathan attended the University of Illinois at Chicago and is a graduate of the Academy of Health & Sciences in San   Antonio Texas, the University of Alameda and Chicagoland Christian Bible Seminary. Jonathan finalized his Bachelor Degree requirements for Emergency Medicine, and Biblical Counseling and holds two Master’s Degrees, in Spiritual Counseling and a Masters of Divinity with a concentration in psychology. Jonathan holds a number of Microsoft Certificates and have Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop Training. Jonathan served on the Board of Tech Missions (which is based out of Boston) and recently on the Board of World Vision Chicago.Jonathan has served as consultants for companies such as Citi Group, Davidson & Associates, AMEC Corporation, CTC Net, and Circle Urban Ministries. Jonathan recently completed assisting the City of Chicago in the development of the City’s Tech Locator listing over 250 Technology Centers throughout the Chicagoland area. Through this initiative a coalition of seventy participating Computer Tech Centers (CTC) also received technical assistance through a student led program at Prosser Career Academy named Advanced Technology Group. Jonathan has worked as the Technology and Network Manager for Circle Urban Ministries for nine years. 
Randy Williams, 
Co-CEO, Vice President of Technology
Melinda Carter,
Vice President of Relations & Communications
Melinda attended the Chicagoland Christian Bible Seminary and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Counseling and a         Master’s Degree in Spiritual Counseling. Melinda served as instructor in seminary teaching nearly thirty graduate courses. 

Melinda holds Microsoft Certificates for several Microsoft courses. Melinda served on the Board of Tech Missions (which is based out of Boston) and recently on the Board of World Vision Chicago.Melinda also served as a consultant for companies such as Citi Group, Davidson & Associates, AMEC Corporation, CTC Net, the City of Chicago and Chicago's Tech Locator. 
Terry attended the Chicagoland Christian Bible Seminary and holds a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Biblical Studies, Theology & Theological Studies. Terry has an extensive eighteen year work history in Workforce Development and serving as a Director with Pyramid Partnership for seventeen years. At Pyramid, Terry has operated as a social services professional with over 15 years of experience in government agency, program management and development (Workforce Development). Works in tandem with social service team and multiple corporations throughout the city of Chicago to support performance goals and to insure meeting programs full potential. Terry has also served as an Instructor of Customer Service at Pyramid Career Institute for youth and adults transitioning into multiple industries in the workforce. Specialties Include: Staff Development, Leadership Development, Program Management and Development, Client Relations, Customer Service Strategies, and Project Management and Planning.
Mr. Williams attended Monmouth College anhas fourteen years of experience with the Public Building Commission of   Chicago and the Pepper Construction Co. As a consultant, Mr. Williams has managed technology projects including the Operation Virtual Shield and Camera Infrastructure Program for the Office of Emergency Management of Chicago and Chicago Housing Authority. Other projects have included serving as the Direct Project Management for multiple million dollar projects including Homeland Security Initiatives, managing two major fortune 500 Integrators, schedule and cost control, proposal review and negotiation, planning, design/engineering review, submital review, RFI review, estimating, quality control, pilot programs, close-out, maintenance program, detailed reporting while performing within extremely tight time frames.